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- Gary & Tisha Wrobel, Candlers

Gnome Hollow Candle and Soap company is designing products for individuals who want more out of life ... for individuals who are adventurous, creative and just want something a little different.


Our candles are made from 100% American grown soybeans and our wicks are primed in soybean and/or vegetable oils (not paraffin).  As a result, our candles burn a lot longer than one would expect; more than 40 hours!


The candles are also natural in color (no dyes); the result of the premium fragrance and essential oils (we don't believe a candle should look like it was made with crayons).  We do believe candles should emit their natural light and bring a warm glow to the room. They also burn clean; there is little or no residual soot or smoke. 


Our soap and body cream products are made from Shea Butter, premium fragrances and no dyes giving a clean, authentic and natural feel. You will thoroughly enjoy the soaps and body creams, try them and see what we mean!


Our products are made by two people (with a little help from some Gnomes) in Louisiana!  We are a veteran owned and operated company.  We support our American farmers and opportunities to enhance education and research in farming and agricultural science.


There is a lot of care and attention that goes into our products; every detail and every care is taken to create the most complex, exciting, seductive, adventurous and sensually stimulating products imaginable.


Always remember, there is no place like Gnome!

Gnome Hollow Candle & Soap Company

Shreveport Times May 29, 2020

Gary Wrobel credits his New England upbringing for his passion for candles and candle making.

Wrobel grew up in Massachusetts, not far from where the founder of Yankee Candle Co. lived and where the company operates. In his hometown, candles are a way of life.

“I’ve kind of always grown up with them,” Wrobel said. “If you’re from the New England area you probably have had a lot of exposure to candles. People just love candles up there and burn them all the time. Usually, those spicy fall scents like cinnamon, apple, and maple syrup.”

Wrobel and his business partner-wife Tisha often keep candles lit to create a warm atmosphere in their home in Louisiana. Several years ago, they began making candles for personal use and officially launched their business in January. The couple doesn’t have a major manufacturing and distribution factory but makes each product by hand in a small-scale workspace.

Gnome Hollow Candle & Soap Company’s leading products are the soy candles made 100 percent from soybeans grown by United States farmers. The candles are cleaning burning, as soy or vegetable oil are used in place of paraffin which eliminates soot and chemical production.

Consumer response has been unexpectedly overwhelming, Wrobel said.

“We really worked hard at that,” he said. “Late nights—night after night—working on perfecting the product and making a candle that burns really long, smells great, and looks great that people would enjoy.”

All Gnome Hollow products are natural with no added dyes.

“We tried to be as natural with our products as possible. If it’s not a necessary ingredient we really don’t use it,” he said.

In addition to candles, Gnome Hollow offers a wide selection of all-natural shea butter soaps and shea body cream lotion, made with essential oils and available in various fragrances.

Popular crowd-pleasers are the Black Sea and Cactus Blossom-scented candles. Gary’s personal favorite fragrance is the Sea Salt and Orchid, as well as the Bourbonwood, which he said has a “little hint of oak wood and bourbon scents.”

Nearly 30 fragrances are in the company’s well-rounded collection, including summer tropical, springtime floral, coffee, chocolate, and other aromatic blends for men and women.

Visit Gnome Hollow Candles and Soap Company at Shreveport Farmers’ Market for their farmers’ market debut. Learn more about the products and place online orders at gnomehollowcandles.com.

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